Greg Hartigan

Managing Director, Keynote Speaker and Coach

Greg’s remarkable life story is one of overcoming the odds.  Raised in a criminally brutal children’s home in Birmingham during the 1960’s and 1970’s, he survived years of all kinds of abuse.  In addition to the abuse, Greg also suffered from a facial tumour which caused an unsightly disfigurement as a boy and especially as an adolescent.  A particular cruelty he endured was years’ long teasing from his Carers to the effect that his disfigurement was the cause of him being placed in a children’s home, and not adopted, which only added to his sense of rejection.  

Incredibly, Greg developed an instinctive self-awareness from an early age, which in turn helped him survive his trauma by practicing mindfulness and resilience techniques, decades before they became commonplace.  Using this remarkable life story and professional experience, Greg has inspired individuals and organisations towards life-changing insights, embracing change and realising their potential. 
His clients have included business leaders and professionals at all stages of their careers, as well as private individuals.  Acting as a trusted confidante, he has provided practical tools to help them develop ideas, grow their aspirations and celebrate breakthrough’s no matter how big or small.
Greg Hartigan is a co-founder of PragmatiK Resilience which is dedicated to providing individuals and organisations with the tools, through coaching, keynote speaking and training to develop the resilience and vision needed to unleash their talents and achieve sustainable success. 

Greg has had a successful career particularly in the field of Human Resources and Employment Law.  His thirst for learning shows no sign of slowing down.  He has several degrees and has completed his legal studies and is on the way to becoming a qualified solicitor.  A proud Dad of two grown-up children, his other passions are studying philosophy, theology and playing the piano. He is regularly asked to write a book about his life, which is now in the planning stages. 

Jill Hartigan

Commercial & Operations Director

Jill has had a successful career spanning more than 30 years, with wide-ranging experience in both the private and public sectors, more particularly working in television, property development, holistic health & beauty, NHS ambulance service and latterly fostering.  She has also had experience of running her own business, part of which included the writing, development and delivery of commercially successful training courses via her own accredited training school.  The business was successfully sold in 2008, allowing Jill to further expand her work experience.  Jill is using this extensive business knowledge and experience to help develop the new company offering and ensure the successful implementation of development programmes and events.