About Greg Hartigan

Having learnt resilience as a key element to achieving success and happiness, Greg Hartigan is passionate about helping others develop that key in their own life.  His personal journey is one of turning obstacles into opportunities, unlocking potential and achieving his own goals. 

Through keynote speaking, coaching and training, he has journeyed with many clients to help them develop their own resilience key. 

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Greg Hartigan acts as confidential coach for leaders and other individuals who find themselves in transition, undergoing change or facing challenges.

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Through tailored programmes, Greg can help individuals and teams unblock obstacles to growth and implement progressive and performance-enhancing models. 

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Greg speaks on a broad range of topics and in a variety of contexts, in an insightful and humorous way, to provoke thought and to inspire change.

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“Everyone wants success and happiness, too few succeed. 

This book navigates the ‘how’.”

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Working with Greg helped me define what I wanted out of life. 
He helped me move into a new direction career-wise.


Anna B, FMCG Director

Greg has a genuine desire to help others get the most out of life. 
He can connect with where a client is at and cut through the self-defeating mind-sets.


AC, Business Change Director in charitable sector

Greg’s approach to coaching has been refined in difficult personal circumstances. 
I benefited from his hard-earned wisdom. 

Alison L, Independent Business Consultant